"The Secrets of Šilutė" project was recognized to be among the best communication projects in Europe

A unique project called "The Secrets of Šilutė", which was jointly implemented and presented last summer by Šilutė Art School, SBA company "Šilutės baldai" and Šilutė District Municipality, has been chosen as one of the winners of the prestigious competition of European communication projects - European Excellence Awards. The project, which uniquely presented the daily lives of 20th century townspeople and revealed the history of Šilutė in a meaningful way, was listed among the five best initiatives in the Baltic States category.

"Šilutė has something to be proud of. Such recognition shows that we can create unique projects together on a European scale. "The Secrets of Šilutė" confirmed the truth that with the help of creativity and non-standard solutions it is possible to spark interest in the history of our land and attract tourists to our town from all across Lithuania. One of the values of our group is leadership in discoveries. Thus it is truly wonderful that last summer "The Secrets of Šilutė" became a real discovery for travellers who were able to learn about the life of the town 100 years ago through its "secrets" – little glass-covered rooms, which depict the daily lives of the townspeople at that time," says Eimuntas Jankauskas, the Head of the SBA company "Šilutės baldai".     

"The fact that we were chosen to be among the best projects in the Baltics brings joy to the heart. Particularly for those who worked on this project – the children and adults attending art classes, as well as the students and teachers of the schools of Šilutė who helped gather the necessary information about the town's historic buildings. However, it is even more important for us that these "secrets" were very much appreciated by the locals of Šilutė as well as visitors from other cities and towns. Some of the visitors were even jealous of this project and wished for something similar to be implemented in their cities and towns," says art teacher Andrius Sirtautas who was the soul of the project. 

"The Secrets of Šilutė" reveal the history of the town in a non-conventional way. It is a joint initiative of Šilutė Art School, SBA company “Šilutės baldai” and Šilutė district municipality. The 20 "secrets" - glass rooms installed on the sidewalk of the buildings of Lietuvininkų street portrayed the lives of the town's locals in the late 19th century – middle of the 20th century, which were recreated by both children and adults attending art classes at Šilutė Art School. Glass-covered floor lighting and materials for creative work were provided by "Šilutės baldai", while installation works were funded by Šilutė district municipality.

Šilutė Pirmoji Gymnasium, Šilutė Vydūnas Gymnasium, Šilutė Pamario Lower Secondary School and Šilutė Martynas Jankus Lower Secondary School contributed to the project. Both students and teachers of these schools gathered the necessary material about the town's historic buildings from various archives and old newspapers. You can also view the "secrets" at night since they are illuminated from within, which makes them look even more mysterious in the dark. Information about all the buildings on Lietuvininkų str. which include the glass-covered rooms portraying the lives of townsfolk can be found on the website: www.silutessekretai.lt

The European Excellence Awards, considered to be the "Oscars" of European communication, have been held since 2007. Various public relations agencies and companies submit several thousand of their projects each year to be reviewed by the authoritative jury of the competition. 

This year, in addition to "The Secrets of Šilutė", the top 5 projects in the Baltic States category included the Samsung technology and art integration project from Estonia, the National EcoRace project implemented under the initiative of the Lithuanian institution "Užstato sistemos administratorius", as well as Swedbank's projects: Financial Education Book for children, and Good Deed Marathon project. The latter was recognized to be the overall winner of the category. 

This is not the first time that joint projects of Šilutė Art School, the town's municipality and “Šilutės baldai” have been beautifying the town. Several years ago, the entire community of the town contributed to the creation of "Šilutė Wall" – the town's longest chronicle, recording the most important events and individuals of the region. Back in 2016, this project was also listed among the top 3 projects in the Baltic States category of the European Excellence Awards.

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