Kids art project helps with recovery at Visaginas clinic

Visaginas Primary Healthcare Centre (PSPC) children’s department has been adorned by a total of thirty pieces of artwork created by students at four of the city’s schools, the children of Visagino Linija’s staff, and artist Marius Jonutis. The community project Sveikstu su Pasakų Draugais [Getting Better with Fairy-tale Friends] was implemented by the SBA company Visagino Linija. It is planned for similar projects to also be initiated in other cities that have SBA Group companies operating in them.

“Scientists have proved that colour and art have a positive influence on the emotional and physical health of human beings. We believe that this initiative will help us during the treatment process and so, is very important. The children’s ward has been revitalised through colourful art, appealing to not only the little Visaginians but also the adults. We have received favourable remarks from parents who bring their children to specialists and also from staff members,” Visaginas PSPC head Violeta Dilienė assures.

“We are among the largest employers in Visaginas, and so we strive to be active members of the community to implement ideas that will encourage positive changes. Our goal is to include city residents in the projects so that we can create beautiful initiatives together and encourage others to do the same. As such, we have turned to the first graders of Visaginas and our employees’ children for the project Sveikstu su Pasakų Draugais, for a total of 200 participants. Their drawings help create a cosy atmosphere and whisk away unpleasant thoughts while waiting for a visit to the doctor at the primary healthcare centre,” says SBA Group company Visagino Linija head Rimondas Bakšys.

The project has offered children a burst of positive energy drawing their favourite animals and fairy-tale heroes, with these being transferred onto large wooden paintings by artist M. Jonutis.

“It is a pleasure to work in projects which involve the local community. This one, in particular, is special in that I got to work with children who do not limit their fantasy, working for a noble cause – granting positive emotions and helping the sick get better sooner. I am very happy with the final result of the joint work with the children, and I am glad that I could contribute to this meaningful project,” artist M. Jonutis says.

The initiative included first graders from the Verdenė Gymnasium, the Draugystė and Geroji Viltis pro-gymnasiums and the Žiburys primary school, as well as the children of Visagino Linija staff members drawing a total of more than 100 paintings. M. Jonutis created 30 sketches out of these. After the first graders and the Visagino Linija staff’s children then coloured them in, the paintings were placed in the clinic by Visagino Linija staff.

The children participating in the project were not only able to show their friends which paintings they contributed to, they were also awarded thanks and souvenirs from Visagino Linija.

This isn’t the first public initiative by Visagino Linija in Visaginas. During the lockdown, the company’s staff contributed funds, purchased and handed out to the impoverished packages of nutritious food. For the hospital and clinic’s medics, they provided hundreds of single-use masks and respirators for social workers, and the Visaginas Hospital was provided with a lung ventilation machine and a cleaning-disinfection machine. Visagino Linija is also a long-time supporter of the city’s celebrations and the festival Visagino Country.

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