career in SBA

If you believe that job is the meaning of life, where philosophy intertwines with simplicity, sight of wider horizons and wish to become the best, then SBA is the right place for you.Our aim is to enrich our company with the most creative people – we invite those who wish not only to create and develop ideas but also turn them into successful market products.

Our strength – pooled team of professionals. There are no inferiors or employees at SBA  and enterprises but rather colleagues and co-workers as we value everyone’s opinion and ideas and all of us feel like owners of our enterprises, who can contribute to collective success. Creativity, eagerness to improve as well as self-improvement are qualities that we promote since SBA is not just a “warm place” to work from 8 eight o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the afternoon, but rather a part of life of each and every of us. If you are ambitious, craving for knowledge and have unrealised ideas, you can reach your dreams together with our team. We are searching for people who are determined and not afraid to speak out their ideas, yet still know how to accept a different opinion. These are the people, who are proud of unusual ideas and want to turn them into reality.