Green Hall Valley

Special attention is paid to environment and ergonomics in one of the most modern business centres Green Hall Valley of the Baltic countries.

Double-glass with solar effect allows exploiting the sunlight and warmth, yet at the same time prevents the building from heating up.Lighting system is automatically regulated according to the light demand. Every floor has autonomous ventilation systems.

Green Hall valley, which is surrounded by nature, combines nature and technological progress. Soon, three top-quality business centres with a total area of more than 21 thousand square metres will be established in this oasis of productivity.

It all started with a vision to create a greener business centre which would not only be technologically advanced, but also comfortable for working and creating. The first Green Hall started operating in 2009. Positive feedback from tenants and good expert evaluations encouraged development by maintaining the original philosophy of the business centre.

Due to the application of unique technologies, the 12-storey \"Green Hall 1\" building was acknowledged by real estate experts as the best A+ class office in Vilnius. \"Green Hall 1\" can be distinguished by its thrift and environmentally-friendly approach – it was estimated that, due to the implementation of architectural and technological solutions, it uses one-fifth less energy, thus reducing CO2 emission to the environment.

\"Green Hall 2\"– a business centre, which is based on the green productivity philosophy. Here, modern technologies and nature go hand in hand in order to create a particularly favourable environment for productive work and unrestricted creativity. From the very beginning, the business centre was designed by considering the well-being and productivity of people that will be working in it, as well as the innovative business needs, while at the same time maintaining respect for nature and its provided advantages. This purposeful concept is also reflected in each element of the building.