our values

By following our values we create a unique SBA.

  • passion to win

    passion to win

    I aim to win; that is the recognition and the result of my team.
    I show initiative to act and to lead.
    In a bid to achieve progress, I break stereotypes and create leadership in the field.
    I focus all my efforts to find new opportunities and markets.

  • leadership in invention

    leadership in invention

    I search every day and contribute to building the exclusive nature of my company.
    I think globally and not locally, I live on discovery every day.
    I have a thirst for knowledge and am the first to see opportunities.
    I innovate faster than the competitors.

  • ownership spirit

    ownership spirit

    I am an architect of my company: I assume 100% of the responsibility in making decisions.
    I preserve the company’s assets, always looking for solutions to optimise things.
    My decisions create added value for the company. I spare no initiative and sweat to achieve the result.
    I live on this planet and it is my responsibility to look after it and keep it safe.