our values

By following our values we create a unique SBA.

  • uniqueness


    Uniqueness is the only way to being first. We are not afraid to be different and believe that search for uniqueness is a part of our company culture and one of our success factors. 

    We strive for non-traditional solutions and the most advanced ideas. We are professionals seeking knowledge. Not only that we are constantly following the newest global tendencies and technologies, but we are among the first to implement them. And we  are keen to create innovative products and solutions of our own. 

    We are open to innovations and we flexibly adapt to ever-changing business environment so that space for creative freedom and healthy risk would be created.

  • determination


    Beaten paths are not our choice. We always ask ourselves whether our actions today are the best we can do. 

    We determinately look towards business establishment and constantly seek for new opportunities. We will be there, where no one expects us to be, since the beaten path – is not our choice. Even decline in markets or emerging obstacles are treated as an opportunity to success, since we believe that there is no wrong time for the determined. 

    We have considerable freedom to act, we make quick, still reasoned decisions, we are not afraid to make mistakes and accept personal responsibility.
  • unity


    We are stronger together than we are alone. Our strength – concentrated team of professionals.  There are no employees and inferiors, but rather colleagues and co-workers in SBA, thus we together celebrate each and everyone’s success. 

    It is safe to tell the truth here. We are not afraid to speak out our views, concerns or advices, since we know that our initiative will be accepted without any prejudice and our opinion will be taken into consideration. 

    We respect each other, thus we replace criticism with constructive suggestions, and the interests of SBA are of more importance than personal ones or those of a branch, enterprise.
  • leadership


    Any of us can be a leader. Every and each of us can be a leader in his/her team, enterprise or group. 

    Leader – is not a position, but rather an attitude and personal example. 

    Our leaders have a clear future vision, inspire a team and perfectly know their people and trust them. They accept responsibility for long-term development of an enterprise and SBA. 

    Our leaders do not conduct by sitting behind a table. You would rather meet them among colleagues, in sales halls or manufacturing shops than in an office.
  • relation establishment

    relation establishment

    We know our client’s expectations.  We know our clients and their businesses just as well as we know ourselves. We analyze their future visions and expectations so that we could actively propose solutions, which would create additional value both to our clients and us. This helps to establish long-term relationships and strengthen competitive advantage of both an enterprise and group.

  • ownership


    Organization is a part of me. 
    I am an owner of my enterprise,
    thus I treat its assets just as my personal ones. 

    We feel responsible for our company’s recourses,
    we optimize input, we are not satisfied with usual
    solutions but search for the most effective ones.
    That's when every one of us plays a role in creating
    long-term success of SBA and our personal welfare. 

    SBA group is not just a “warm place” for work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but a part of my lifestyle.