our talents

  • Andrius Matulis, technologist,
    Private limited liability company „GERMANIKA“

    „I celebrate life. My work has become my hobby. Can it get any better?”

    Andrius Matulis is person who hates being stuck in a routine. Therefore, everyday challenges, including how to improve our production or equipment, is just a thing he needs. After graduating from Kaunas University of Technologies Andrius has worked as an assembler in furniture company “SBA” in Klaipeda for two years, where he was responsible for innovations and new product development.

    Today he works for the “SBA” Group company “GERMANIKA” in Silute region. This company applies innovative production technologies and therefore provides the opportunity to constantly improve and fulfill one’s potential.

    Listing Andrius’ hobbies would probably take up pages, so we would like to mention that Andrius is founder and a coach of rope pulling club “Svyturys”. If you would like to find out more, we are sure that you’ll cross paths with Andrius – he is everywhere to be seen:)

  • Jolanta Streižienė, retail manager, Limited liability company „UTENOS TRIKOTAZAS“

    „I’m inspired by ambitious goals and friendly colleagues“

    Jolanta has been working in “Utenos trikotazas” for twenty years and is responsible for business customers sales team results. Jolanta’s everyday duties include new challenges that make her work extremely attractive. Every year “Utenos trikotazas” produces 9 mln. meters of fabrics and more than 3 mln. individual pieces of clothing!

    „I am proud that our company has become one of the major producers in Europe and can offer our clients a variety of services, from innovative fabrics to ready-to-wear clothes” – explains Jolanta.

    Jolanta’s hobbies include knitting and… motocross. If you’re a keen motocross goer, you have definitely met Jolanta. 

  • Mindaugas Montvydas, department manager, Limited liability company „KLAIPEDOS BALDAI“

    „Every morning I wake up eager to get to work”

    „I’ve started working at "Klaipedos baldai" right after graduation. At first I was employed as a carpenter-machinist, later I was promoted to a technologist, and now for the past few years I’ve been working as a department manager. Such stories are prominent among “Klaipeda baldai” and other companies of the “SBA” Group. Everyone has the opportunity to pursue his career – all you need is to want it and put in some effort” – Mindaugas explains.

    Mindaugas has become a heart of “Klaipedos baldai” and is popular among other employees. He has the power to unite them not only in the workplace, but also during various company events.

    Mindaugas loves football and running. Even though he took up running recently, he can already cover half the marathon. 

  • Roman Ostapko, metal worker, Private limited liability company „VISAGINO LINIJA“

    „Visaginas division has the best team of employees who can make the impossible“

    Romanas is one of our best employees who manages any technical challenges. He is an expert in his field and has the power to unite employees to reach the goals set.  

    He applies his scope of knowledge not only in “Visagino linija”, but also in his business trips, where he offers advice to colleagues in other SBA Group furniture companies. Due to his initiative, creativity and attitude towards life, Romanas was elected as an ambassador of SBA values in 2015 – the most honorable award in the company. 

    Roman spends his free time with his family, loves the DIY projects or car repairs.