our talents

  • Rasa Maniušienė,
    export sales manager AB “Utenos trikotažas“

    ““Utenos trikotažas“ products are my personal choice and I recommend them to others. I like that a special attention is paid to innovative and ecological materials and high quality of goods“.

    Before coming to  “Utenos trikotažas“ Rasa had nothing in common with textile industry, so every day was full of constant discoveries and surprises (mostly – pleasant J). After three years in the company Rasa gained the most honourable evaluation – colleagues elected her a Values ambassador.

    Rasa loves active and non-monotonous work, permanent communication with clients, seeing how paper drawings turn into clothes of perfect quality.  For sure, “Utenos trikotažas” is not a boring place at all!

  • Donatas Norkus,
    technologist, AB “Klaipėdos baldai“

    “Collaboration helps to achieve good results, competition is good when you compete with yourself and try to become better than yesterday”.

    Donatas got into “Klaipėdos baldai“ by SBA internship programme that opened to him, alumni of KTU, opportunities for rapid development and career perspectives in our companies group.

    Donatas says that since being a small child he enjoyed creating and trying to do anything differently from others and to search for different solutions. Curiosity is very helpful in his complex work of technologist when he constantly need to overcome challenges. Work and colleagues drive Donatas and the only thing he would like to ban in Lithuania is grumbling and complaining about life. After all, many things depend on us!

  • Sigita Sinušaitė,
    economist, UAB"SBA" Furniture Company

    “It is important to do what you like and feel that this activity is meaningful”

    Although, according to Sigita, she had “a good job in a good company”, she felt bored. So she searched for another good company that would offer more interesting and ambitious challenges. She discovered SBA Furniture Company, which is the largest exporter in our country. Here Sigita takes care of even 5 furniture companies‘ finances; so she doesn‘t feel any lack of activities and food for brains!

    Moreover, this year Sigita tested her skills and successfully completed SBA Young Leaders programme aimed at promising workers.