State hospitals will receive lung ventilators and disinfection machines

In the fight against the pandemic and its consequences, Lithuania's medical institutions will receive support in the form of 5 lung ventilators which are particularly important in maintaining the vital functions of patients infected with the COVID-19 virus, and 10 innovative machines which will help disinfect and clean the premises of hospitals located in various parts of the country.

Ventilators have already reached Lithuania

Since the beginning of the pandemic, SBA group has been actively cooperating with medical institutions in order to determine their needs and try to help make the fight against the pandemic as effective as possible. For some time now hospitals have been trying to obtain lung ventilators which would help infected patients to overcome the virus. At present, the demand for such equipment is huge all around the world, resources are completely depleted, and orders are queuing up several months in advance. Through great effort, SBA employees managed to obtain five PHILIPS Respironics ventilators which have already reached Lithuania and will be donated to Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos, Klaipėda University Hospital, Utena Hospital, and Visaginas Hospital as early as this week.

"The virus damages the lungs which is one of the most important human organs. As the number of infected increases, so does the number of serious cases when infected people can no longer breathe on their own. Such patients may simply suffocate if they are not provided with proper medical support on time. That is why the donated universal machines are especially needed. In emergencies, they can be connected to patients with severe conditions in order to supply oxygen and save their lives while the immune systems of such patients battle the virus. In moderate and milder cases, where an infected person can still breathe on his own, these machines will be used to facilitate lung function and supply oxygen until the patient starts feeling better," says prof. Edvardas Danila, Head of Center of Pulmonology and Allergology of Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos.

According to him, these machines will also be used to treat other diseases of the respiratory system and other internal organs once the pandemic recedes.

Support staff is critical

One of the most important and dangerous tasks relating to the pandemic is performed by support staff responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the premises of medical institutions. The dedication and responsible work of these people reduces the chances of becoming infected with the virus and spreading it, however, these efforts often go unnoticed or underestimated. To alleviate the significantly increased workload of these workers, hospitals will be provided with floor washing-disinfection machines produced by the Italian manufacturer Ghibli & Wirbel. These advanced disinfectant-dispensing machines will help eradicate the infection. 

"Studies have shown that, in areas where coronavirus-infected patients are being treated, most virus particles are found on the floor, thus the infection can spread very rapidly due to lack of proper cleaning. That is why we are currently paying particular attention to the disinfection of premises. There was a significant increase in the workload of employees cleaning and disinfecting wards and corridors, therefore a floor washing, drying and disinfecting machine will greatly facilitate their work. Moreover, this compact and maneuverable machine with a long-lasting battery is suitable to be used not only in corridors, but also for cleaning wards," says Estela Tamašauskienė, Head of Department of Infectious Diseases at Kaunas Clinical Hospital.

Ten of these machines will be donated to Kaunas Clinical Hospital, Klaipėda University Hospital, Raseiniai, Šilutė, Utena and Visaginas hospitals, as well as Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos.

Support initiatives are continued

"Our decisive actions, unity and attitude of thinking not only about ourselves are the most important things at this time. I hope that our donated medical equipment will help people to successfully overcome the virus, and the innovative cleaning machines will alleviate the burden placed on hospital support staff who are eradicating the infection on a daily basis where it is particularly dangerous. In turn, we will continue our various support initiatives," says SBA president Arūnas Martinkevičius.

The value of all the obtained lung ventilators and cleaning machines is just over 77 000 euros. In addition to the medical equipment, SBA group and its companies have already donated 15 000 reusable face masks to medics across Lithuania, while employees of "Utenos trikotažas" have been voluntarily working on weekends sewing the masks to ensure that they are provided to medics as soon as possible.

Just before Easter, SBA company volunteers visited over 1000 seniors in various cities across Lithuania, providing each of them with special packages, funded by SBA companies and their employees, which contained nutritious and healthy food products, as well as supplements for boosting the immune system. Last week, SBA group also provided social support departments of all 60 municipalities in Lithuania with 5000 protective FFP2 respirators to protect social workers visiting the elderly and other vulnerable persons.

The total value of support provided by SBA and its people during quarantine exceeded 150 000 euros. 

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