SBA employees bought and donated over 1000 bags of food to seniors

Employees of enterprises belonging to the SBA group took immediate care of the elderly during the quarantine. They donated money for the "Help the Elderly" campaign which were used to buy over 1000 bags of food. These bags were delivered to the homes of seniors by more than 100 volunteers from the company group with the help of social workers.

"The coronavirus is most dangerous to our elderly. Each trip to the store can be fatal to them. With the help of our volunteers, we were able to deliver high quality food directly to their homes. We are particularly touched by the fact that, even at this difficult time for us all, our people have been actively donating funds to those whose lives are much harder. Teams of volunteers were rapidly formed to buy and deliver the necessary food. Hopefully, seniors will be able to stay home without the need to go to the stores for a while and do not risk their health," says Vice President at SBA Group Jolanta Grašienė.

It is estimated that the value of support packages will exceed 30 000 euros. With the recommendations of nutritionists, each package was formed of high quality food: salmon, buckwheat, butter, herring, lemons, nuts, fermented cheese, dark chocolate, as well as products for cooking lentil stew. Teas were also added to the package for strengthening the immune system. Because these packages are mostly for seniors or people with disabilities, they also include a massage tool which can help activate blood circulation, reduce stress, and relieve pain. This is especially important when the opportunities for movement are limited.

These packages were distributed among socially disadvantaged people living in Kaunas by volunteers from "Kauno baldai" and SBA Concern, while disadvantaged people living in Klaipėda were assisted by volunteers from "Klaipėdos baldai" and SBA Furniture Group. Packages were distributed in Šilutė district by volunteers from "Šilutės baldai" and "Germanika", in Utena district – by employees of "Utenos trikotažas", in Visaginas – by "Visagino linija", and in Raseiniai – by employees of "Šatrija". They were accompanied by municipal social workers.

"We were all wearing the necessary protective equipment and avoided any physical contact when delivering food to the elderly. Even though we were only able to wish them health and happy Easter by maintaining significant distance between us, the grateful seniors were moved to tears which made as shed a few tears as well," says "Šatrija" volunteer Gražina Buivydienė who distributed the packages.

"Support with food is especially important for socially disadvantaged people, particularly during this difficult time. They usually receive grains, pasta and flour, so this food package provides more variety and greatly enriches their diet which is necessary to strengthen the immune system during the spread of the coronavirus," says the Mayor of Šilutė Vytautas Laurinaitis.

"Gintarinė vaistinė" pharmacy also significantly contributed to the "Help the Elderly" campaign by adding AMBIO Multivitamins for Seniors food supplements to each senior's package which should last for two months.

In addition to this food aid campaign, SBA companies also donated reusable face masks made by "Utenos trikotažas" to our country's medical institutions. The total amount of support provided by SBA to socially disadvantaged people and doctors already exceeds 60,000 euros. Nevertheless, SBA plans to continue its support initiatives.

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