Lithuanian start-up Tesonet is opening in Green Hall business valley

Tesonet – a company offering cybersecurity solutions chose Green Hall 1 business centre as the perfect location for their new office in Vilnius. This fast growing IT company will lease out premises with a total area of 1550 sq. m. which will include around 150 workstations. 

"When choosing a new office, we always think about what is best for our employees. There are two things that our team at Tesonet considers to be important – convenient communication and work space which should both reflect and strengthen our team's identity. And Green Hall has perfectly met these two criteria. The central location of the city enables employees to reach their colleagues working in other offices promptly and easily, while the modern approach of the business valley itself in terms of companies who are establishing themselves in the centre gives us the freedom to set up an exceptional work environment," says Monika Okmanė, Head of Personnel at Tesonet.

Since a lot of employees working in the company are IT specialists responsible for complex technical work, our aim is to provide them with both functional work spaces as well as separate lounge areas.

"We want our teams to be able to work together comfortably and efficiently, and at the same time find a calm and quiet spot whenever necessary. That is why our plans also include things like a separate reading room and a lounge-quiet room," says Monika Okmanė.

Tesonet, one of the largest Lithuanian start-ups, is highlighted by experts as a potential candidate to become another Lithuanian "unicorn" with a value of one billion euros.

"We have noticed that as of late more and more Lithuanian IT companies are establishing themselves in the international market and expanding rapidly. And this is also reflected in the success story of Tesonet. One way to attract and motivate talented employees is to provide them with innovative offices offering the best working conditions as well as recreational-lounge areas," says Giedrius Muliuolis, Head of Commercial Department at SBA real estate innovation company Urban Inventors.

According to him, examples shown by Lithuanian companies established in the Green Hall business valley prove that they place the same high demands on offices as international companies to ensure the well-being of their employees.

Tesonet will be situated on two separate floors of the Green Hall 1 business centre. According to G. Muliuolis, the company should move to its new premises by the end of January. After Barclays left Lithuania at the end of last year, the remaining free space in this 9 100 sq. m. building has been rapidly filling up with tenants. Currently, 80 percent of the premises are already leased out or reserved, and potential tenants are actively showing interest in the remaining free space. More than half of the finished Green Hall 3 building will be occupied by the international capital market company Moody’s, and negotiations with potential tenants are underway regarding the remaining free area of the building. The entire Green Hall 2 business centre is currently leased out.

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