Dr. Bagdonavičius Joined the Board of the SBA Group

The Board of one of the largest groups in Lithuania, the SBA Group, is further joined by independent numbers. This week, the Board of the Group was supplemented by Dr. Kęstutis Bagdonavičius who has extensive experience in strategic business management and international development.   

Kęstutis is one of the few managers and leaders at the strategic level who not only has a clear understanding of the global economic context, but also, thanks to many years of top-level management experience, seizes real practical opportunities for business development or their timely transformation. Therefore, him joining the Group will strengthen the SBA Group’s strategic readiness for development in international markets and help to exploit the potential for creating higher added value in Lithuania,” says Arūnas Martinkevičius, President of the SBA Group.

Bagdonavičius, Doctor of Economic Sciences, has worked in various management positions in one of the largest European insurance companies - ERGO - for more than 20 years. For a long time, he was the head of its Baltic division, as well as the International Projects Division of the main ERGO company in Germany. Since the beginning of this year, Bagdonavičius has been chairing the Board of Modus Group, a group of companies engaged in renewable energy and innovative transport solutions that is intensively implementing international development, and he will keep working for this company as well. Until then, he worked at the Modus Group's Supervisory Board for several years as an independent member and was its chairman. Bagdonavičius is also the President of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania.

 “SBA Group is a professional leader of Lithuanian capital engaged in international activities with a team of more than 5,000 persons, grounding its activities on transparent fundamental and responsible business culture principles. What is more, it is a well-diversified company demonstrating exponential growth and transformation. I sincerely consider joining the Board of the SBA Group as a case of unique opportunities and clear trust, which I will seize with unconditional responsibility,” says Bagdonavičius.

Bagdonavičius is already the third member to join the SBA Board from the outside. Adam Saulius Vaina, founder and CEO of the international business consulting company Civitta, who has worked for a long time for the global business consulting company McKinsey & Company, has been working on the SBA Board for several years as an independent member. Last year, the Board was joined by Petras Jašinskas, the former Chairman of the Board of the VP Group, who later took over the management of the Utena Trikotažas Group, which belongs to the SBA. In addition to these members, the SBA Board consists of its Chairman A. Martinkevičius, President of the SBA, and Egidijus Valentinavičius, the Vice President.

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