With Brexit in progress, SBA Group invites emigrants to return to Lithuania

With the ongoing chaos of Brexit and growing uncertainty about the position of Lithuanian citizens in Great Britain, one of the biggest business groups in Lithuania – SBA – invites the emigrated fellow citizens to return to Lithuania and offers them a job. Citizens returning to their homeland will not only be eligible for support promised by the state, but will also be able to use the employee motivational package applied in SBA companies.

Those living abroad are welcome

“We are waiting for every citizen who wants to create and work in Lithuania. Because of Brexit, some of the emigrants intend to return from Great Britain, but have doubts whether they will be able to get a job in their home country and get a decent salary. We want to reassure them - we currently have something to offer for at least fifty people with different qualifications at real estate, furniture and textile companies of SBA Group,” says Jolanta Grašienė, Vice President of SBA.

According to her, trends in wage growth in the industrial and real estate sectors over the last few years have been very positive for employees, and continuing growth is expected. Taking into account the benefits of living in the home country, which are difficult to be measured by money, the decision to return may be the most rational in terms of quality of life.

 “40–50 per cent of Lithuanians are seriously considering of returning to Lithuania from the United Kingdom. Longing and close social environment makes them want to return to their homeland. Also, the awareness of improving life conditions in Lithuania. With Brexit in the United Kingdom, the prices are rising, resulting in reduced ratio between income and expenditure, making it more difficult to acquire housing. So Lithuanians living in the United Kingdom are looking for opportunities to work in Lithuania on the Internet or via their relatives and once they find the right job offer they pack their things and come back,” said Dalia Asanavičiūtė, President of the Lithuanian Community in the UK.

There are many examples

It is confirmed by the employee examples of SBA Group Companies.

Some months ago, Tadas Bražėnas returned to Lithuania after almost four years of living in the United Kingdom, and was employed as a junior engineer of Utenos trikotažas at SBA Group.

 “I came back because I was homesick. Although the salary there was higher three times, I would spend a significant part of my income on rent and living. It is possible to work and earn money in Lithuania if you are not afraid and you try hard,” says a 26-year-old emigrant.

Vladimiras Nikiforovas from Šilutė worked and lived in Great Britain with his family for six years, but he decided to return and was employed at Šilutės baldai as an electrician – automation engineer.  

“I had a well-paid job there, my wife worked as well, we lived in a rented house, but we and our children decided that salary is not the most important thing. We wanted to live close to our relatives, friends, and our home country. Although now I am receiving a lower salary than in England, but it ensures a good quality of life in Lithuania,” says the man from Šilutė.  

An additional package of benefits is offered

 “For emigrants, and not only for them, we offer to work in a variety of positions – those that require higher qualifications, and those that do not require such high qualifications. For example, currently Utenos trikotažas is looking for the head of production unit and a senior accountant, furniture manufacturing company Germanika would employ a quality manager, Klaipėdos baldai would employ a production equipment operator, and Šilutės baldai is looking for a foreman, etc.” said Edis Kasperavičius, SBA Personnel Manager.

According to him, depending on the qualifications and positions occupied, a person may earn a net salary of 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 euros at SBA companies. Employees of companies also receive additional benefits: bonuses, accident insurance which is valid during non-working hours as well, food, transport, training allowances, and scholarships are granted for students.

You can find job offers at SBA Group companies at www.kurksusba.lt or contacting us by email atrankos@sba.lt.

Support is granted to the emigrants by the state as well. In regions where SBA Group companies operate, young families may qualify for support in purchasing or renting housing.

"The number of inquiries has now increased significantly due to Brexit. Emigrants returning to Lithuania are asking where to start, what kind of help they can expect from the state, how to get employed,” says Justinas Uba, Co-ordinator of the project “Renkuosi Lietuvą”.

He states that all information about the state support to returning emigrants is available at www.renkuosilietuva.lt.

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