The SBA Group specifies its activities with the launching of the centre of competences and services

Jolanta Grašienė, Vice President of SBA Companies Group

Jelena Grišina, director of “SBA Competence and Service Centre”

One of the biggest business groups in Lithuania, the SBA Group, starts the year of 2019 with the changes. The company launched “SBA Competence and Service Centre”. It will bring together the major forces of IT (internet technologies), personnel administration and accounting that will provide these services to other companies of the group.

“As we go hand-in-hand with advanced management trends, we concentrate the competencies and services needed by SBA Group companies in one centre. In it the IT, accounting, personnel administration, and other services will be the core, not ancillary (as it is common for many other companies), activity. In this way we will ensure even a higher quality of our services for companies and higher efficiency on a group basis,” said Jolanta Grašienė, Vice President of SBA Companies Group.

LLC “SBA Competence and Service Centre” will have a team of almost 60 professionals. The company will be led by Jelena Grišina, who has an extensive experience in managing organizations’ changes, and will continue to take up the position of manager of the development of SBA Organization.

“The core mission of the Competence and Services Centre is to be a business partner who, by taking over part of the functions of the group’s companies, will help businesses achieve their core goals. An essential prerequisite for success is a motivated team that takes up challenges and boldly implements change. That’s why the new company brought together people from the SBA Group with outstanding knowledge and the competences in their fields to help create value for the whole group,” said Jelena Grišina, director of “SBA Competence and Service Centre”.

J. Grišina has more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector. For the last 10 years, she was managing the projects of the changes of organizations activities in accordance with LEAN, Six-Sigma, TOC and other procedures. She was responsible for the transfer of DNB Bank (now “Luminor”) to the new headquarters and the implementation of related work principles, culture and other organizational activities changes.

According to her, centralized management of functions will allow the SBA Group to implement the optimization initiatives of the processes more quickly, will allow the efficient use of available resources, and the establishment of service culture will increase operational excellence.

During this year, “SBA Competence and Service Centre” will gradually start providing services to all major SBA Group companies. The range of future services can expand. In addition, it is not excluded that services can be provided not only within but also outside the group.

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