The sales leap of the SBA company “Kauno baldai” in the Benelux countries led to the record for income growth

“Kauno Baldai”, a soft furniture manufacturer managed by the SBA Group, has found its way to the home of foreign buyers, which has led to the decade’s record for income growth. Company’s sales in 2018 compared to 2017 jumped 25 percent up to 17.3 million EUR.

“Last year’s income leap and recent few years of rapid growth show that our strategic change of activity to build furniture collections by ourselves has been paying off 100 percent. The part of the products created by “Kauno Baldai” in the sales’ structure has doubled and last year it made up two thirds, when it was less than half a year ago,” says Tomas Mauricas, director of the company “Kauno baldai” of the SBA Group.

According to him, furniture created by own designers allows not only to increase sales, but also to gain more value in the production chain. Therefore, this year “Kauno baldai” will increase the part of their own collections.

According to the director of the company, Benelux countries and Scandinavia remain strategic export directions. In Benelux countries, last year sales rocketed by 37 percent. Success in these countries was due to the new exclusive sofas and corners created by “Kauno Baldai”, which were appreciated by the customers. In Scandinavia, the sales also doubled and amounted to 18 percent.

“Another priority of this year is to expand sales’ geography. At the end of the last year, we entered the largest furniture market in continental Europe, the market of Germany. This year we will seek to strengthen our position there,” says T. Mauricas.

The products of “Kauno Baldai” are traded by major Benelux, Scandinavian furniture trade networks and wholesalers.

Investments in modern and efficient equipment also allowed to increase production and sales to “Kauno baldai”. Last year, almost 0.5 million EUR were allocated for that purpose. A similar amount is planned to be invested this year.

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