SBA Settled the First Bee Colonies on Roofs in Kaunas and Klaipėda

In order to contribute to the conservation of endangered bees in the world, the first bee colonies were settled on the BLC business centre in Kaunas and Klaipėdos baldai in Klaipėda. Business centres and companies managed by the SBA Group are going to settle around twenty bee colonies in different cities within one month.

“Bees are some of the most important species in the world ensuring plant biodiversity and genetic improvement. Unfortunately, they are rapidly vanishing. For that reason I welcome the initiative to address the issue. One of the solutions to address it is to grow bees in cities where pesticides are not used and plant diversity is higher,” says Associate Professor Algirdas Amšiejus, curator of the SBA bee project, Doctor of VMU Agricultural Academy.

According to him, bees are safe in cities. This is evidenced by the rapid spread of urban beekeeping in London, Paris, New York and other major cities of the world. It is only important that, within a radius of 2-3 kilometres around the hives, there are enough green areas for bees to find flowering plants.

Today the beekeeper A. Amšiejus settled two bee colonies on the roof of the BLC business centre, located next to the Unity Square in Kaunas currently renovated by SBA. 3 hives are placed on the roof terrace of Klaipėdos baldai. By the end of June, hives will appear in SBA-owned companies in Visaginas, Utena, Kaunas, Raseiniai and Šilutė.

“It is symbolic that we are starting the SBA bee project today, on 20th May, which was announced the World Bee Day by the United Nations. We are a business group that is concerned about the harmony with nature and minimising the impact of human activities on the environment. By placing hives on our office buildings and roofs of companies, we contribute to the conservation of an extremely important part of ecosystem – bees, and we encourage other businesses, institutions and organisations to join this initiative,” says Jolanta Grašienė, Vice President of SBA.

As Jolanta Grašienė claims, the employees of the companies, who are themselves keeping bees or are interested in beekeeping, will take care of the bees. Specially grown non-aggressive bees will be housed in hives on the roofs of SBA companies.

Numerous studies in the world confirm that honey gathered from the city bees is not polluted, and sometimes even better quality than that collected in rural areas, as it is collected from a wider variety of plants. In order to eliminate any possible doubts, honey of the SBA bees will be first tested in the laboratory and only then will it be served to colleagues, customers or business partners.

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