SBA Invests in the Green Energy Production: Employs the Sun

The SBA Group, which uses only green energy in its business, will start producing it. Klaipedos baldai managed by SBA baldų kompanija will install a 1 MW solar power plant on the roofs of its buildings.

“Our strategic direction is investing in innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. The first step towards the production of green energy is also driven by the overall long-term increase in electricity prices. After evaluating the performance of the project ofKlaipėdos baldai, we will decide whether we will install solar power plants on other factories managed by the company,” says Audrius Bendaravičius, Director of SBA baldų kompanija.

About 3.5 thousand photomodules will be installed on the roofs of the buildings of Klaipėdos baldai in April. The total area of solar collectors will reach 5.8 thousand sq.m, which is equal to the area of two Žalgiris arenas in Kaunas.

Own solar power plant in Klaipėdos baldai will help to smooth possible fluctuations in electricity supply.

“In our company, the production process takes place around the clock at weekends, so we are sometimes confronted with power supply disruptions due to changing consumption in the network. We hope that a solar power plant installed on the roof will help solve this problem. This project will save the company around 8-9% a year,” says Gintautas Vitkevičius, Director of Klaipėdos baldai.

According to him, the solar power plant will produce about 900 MWh of electricity per year. The Tesla electric car could drive six times to the moon and back with such a reserve of energy. The production of energy in Klaipėdos baldai at the solar power plant will not emit around 540 t  of CO2 per year to the environment.

The total value of the solar power plant project ofKlaipėdos baldai implemented with the instrument “Renewable Energy Sources for Industry LT+” financed by the EU structural funds is EUR 0.8 million. Investments should generate returns within 7-8 years.

A solar power plant is going to be installed on the roof of the logistics warehouse of Innovo logistika, which the SBA Group is planning to start building near Klaipeda this spring.

More than 18% of electricity in Lithuania is annually produced form renewable energy sources. With regard to the total production of green energy, Lithuania exceeds the EU average by 8 percentage points – more than a quarter of the energy consumed in 2017 in Lithuania was produced from renewable energy sources.

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