SBA Company Šatrija Increases Productivity and Sales

Šatrija, a specialised clothing sewing company owned by the SBA Group, is expanding its customer base and export map. The company’s sales in 2018, according to the audited data, reached EUR 3,378 million and increased by 6.5%, compared to 2017, when it amounted to EUR 3.172 million.

“As we operate in a global market, our products reaching almost all continents, efficiency and productivity are our top priorities. Having invested in production automation and work organisation, we increased our productivity by 11% last year. To maintain competence, this year we are also planning to invest EUR 140 thousand,” says Giedrius Grondskis, Director General of Šatrija.

According to him, the company’s product markets are expanding every year. High-quality fire-resistant clothing for fire fighters is sewn and imported not only to European countries, but also to Asia and Australia. This year it will also be shipped to South America.

“This year the company starts working with a new customer from Germany. The fire-resistant clothing for fire fighters made by Šatrija is now expected to reach Kuwait,” says G. Grondskis. So far, the company has been receiving orders for special garments through customers in Great Britain and Germany.

“We have earned a good reputation of a quality product supplier and reliable partner within the ranks of our customers. Our company is one of the few companies in Europe that has a gold-level Gore-Tex manufacturer license. Audited experts of Šatrija quality products come at least 10 times a year. We have launched a system that allows us to identify the fabric that a particular uniform is made of: the country of origin of the fabric and threads as well as the sewing date,” says G. Grondskis.

Clothing for fire fighters and soldiers is the main business activity of Šatrija. After winning the competition, the company is now supplying uniforms to Lithuanian Armed Forces. Orders for special clothing account for up to 90% of the turnover of Šatrija.

In addition to officer uniforms, the company also produces the so-called “survival suits”, specially designed for oil platform workers, seafarers and fishermen. They are helpful in cold water – they inflate in case of emergency. Gore-Tex laminated fabric is waterproof, while enabling the person to float in the water for at least half an hour. Šatrija also offers clothing for extreme sports enthusiasts, hunters and fishermen.

At present, Šatrija employs about 200 employees. Their average salary has increased by over 20% within the last year.

The SBA Group includes furniture, textile, real estate and investment management companies. Šatrija belongs to Utenos trikotažas textile group together with Mrija in Ukraine. The furniture manufacturing group consists of SBA baldų kompanija, which manages Klaipėdos baldai, Šilutės baldai, Germanika, Visagino linija, Mebelain as well as Kauno baldai. SBA Group also manages Urban Inventors, a real estate innovation company, developing Green Hall business centres in Vilnius and BLC in Kaunas, as well as Capitalica Asset Management, an investment management company.

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