Logistics and manufacturing projects are being developed at SBA Technology and Innovation Park

The pace of development of the SBA Technology and Innovation Park is accelerating near Klaipėda. It is estimated that the first stage – construction of a green technology-based logistics centre will be complete as early as this year. SBA also approved a new second stage investment – furniture component factory, the constructions of which will start midway through the first stage. 

"SBA Technology and Innovation Park will have an industry cluster focusing on innovative logistics and manufacture. After implementing this ambitious project and bringing together the highest competencies in one place, we will increase our industrial competitiveness on a global scale. Investments in the projects of these first two stages alone will exceed 30 million euros," says Egidijus Valentinavičius, Vice President of SBA.

"We are sincerely happy with SBA's decision to develop its business in Klaipėda district. This, of course, is also a great responsibility. Even though the possibilities of Klaipėda District Municipality may not be that great, we promise that we will listen to everything you say, and we will sincerely try to help," says Bronius Markauskas, Mayor of Klaipėda District.

"The investments that come here – latest technology and innovation investments – are perhaps the calling card both for Klaipėda region, as well as for the entire Lithuania. The bar that is raised for this project shows that Klaipėda and its region have a huge potential. We need to use this potential to remain interesting to investors in order for them to put their investments here. You will definitely need a lot of minds, a lot of hands, and a lot of ingenuity. And is Klaipėda not the best place to find all of this? We are prepared to help you," says Vytautas Grubliauskas, Mayor of Klaipėda.

The park will be developed in three stages

SBA Technology and Innovation Park will be developed in three stages. An innovative, green technology-based logistics centre with a unique design and a total area of over 30 thousand sq. m. will be built during the first stage and will begin operating as early as at the end of this year. Investments in the construction of the first stage logistics centre will comprise of around 18 million euros.

Construction machinery is already operating in the park area, foundation is poured, and columns are being built. The logistics centre is developed by the SBA Group company "Urban Inventors", construction works will be carried out by "Panevėžio statybos trestas", and the operator of the logistics centre will be SBA Group company "Innovo logistika".

It is planned that the centre itself will enable to optimize and conveniently manage processes not only within the entire group but also in cooperation with other Lithuanian manufacturers, reduce transportation costs and increase the competitiveness of the entire country by working with international furniture retail chains.  

The second park development stage will culminate in the construction of a new factory. It will include a centralized production of blanks designed for furniture companies of the SBA group. The factory with an area of more than 12 thousand sq. meters will have efficient automated production lines. Each day, finished products will be collected from the factory and delivered to furniture manufacturing companies established in Lithuania by around 40 trucks which will transport over 90 million units of blanks per year.

It is estimated that second stage investments will comprise of 15 million euros. It is planned that production will begin in the third quarter of 2020.

Nearly 100 people will be hired after the implementation of the first two SBA Technology and Innovation Park development stages. Further development is planned when there will be an increase in capacities.

Third stage investment projects and the scale of investments are currently being decided. It is planned that constructions of the entire complex will be finished by 2027. The total area in Klaipėda managed by SBA, including the SBA Technology and Innovation Park, is comprised of 50 ha.

Sustainable logistics centre with a unique architecture

The upcoming SBA Technology and Innovation Park and the developed logistics centre are established in a strategically convenient location and will be easily accessible to those going to Klaipėda city, and those who are leaving it via the main artery of the country – A1 highway.

The logistics centre will stand out with its unique architecture, green technologies and harmony with the environment. From the perspective of the A1 highway, the landscaped logistics centre will resemble a hill or a plateau instead of looking like an angular box-shaped building typical to logistics centres. The car parking lot and recreational zone will harmoniously blend in with the spaces of the building, beneath the landscaped hills.

"The purpose of the landscaped building will not be simply visual. Offices installed under the green roof will not get hot in the summer, and will save heat energy in the winter. The logistics centre will be heated by "Air – Air" heat pumps which have virtually no impact on the environment, while electric power will be produced by a solar power plant. The centre will also have a smart lighting system. All-round sustainability, harmony with nature and environmentally friendly solutions are long-term trends which should be developed both in the residential or commercial building market, as well as in the industrial market", – says Lionginas Šepetys, Head of Urban Inventors.

Authors of the project of the SBA group logistics centre – National Culture and Art Prize winner, architect Rolandas Palekas, and "Paleko Archstudija" architects Bartas Puzonas, Dalia Uogintė and Karolina Burbaitė.

SBA Group is one of the largest business groups in Lithuania operating in the furniture, real estate and textile sectors. The furniture sector is comprised of the SBA Furniture Group managing "Klaipėdos baldai", "Šilutės baldai", "Germanika", "Visagino linija", "Mebelain" and robotics and production automation company "Robotex". The SBA furniture sector also includes the soft furniture manufacturer "Kauno baldai".

SBA textile group includes "Utenos trikotažas" along with "Šatrija" and "Mrija". SBA real estate sector is comprised of the RE innovation company "Urban Inventors" which is developing the business valley "Green Hall" in Vilnius and business centre complex BLC in Kaunas, as well as the investment management company "Capitalica Asset Management" which is managing the business centres "Kauno dokas", "135" in Vilnius and developing a new class A office complex VERDE in Riga.

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