Winter banished from offices as well

A constantly ringing telephone, an avalanche of e-mails, endless meetings - office employees usually spend celebrations taking place on workdays such as Mardi Gras by their computers. Later they read in news websites about how others had fun and celebrated. However, the good business practice is coming to Lithuania from the West - an informal working environment is also useful when burning Morė (artificial woman stuffed with various materials) and baking pancakes.

 The staff of SBA Group spent the lunch of 4 March, Mardi Gras, unconventionally.The administration staff located in Vilnius decorated original Mardi Gras masks and enjoyed pancakes afterwards. Mardi Gas masks were created by the artist Vitalis Čepkauskas and 50 hands made them into devils and surprising characters reminding Lašininis (Porky) and Kanapinis (Hempenman). Delicious pancakes were made by the restaurant "Green Hall".

Western work culture in which employees are motivated not only by money but also by creative work environment is spreading wider and wider in Lithuanian companies. For example, the IT company "Adform Lithuania" breaks the routine by organizing table football tournaments; the staff can also take rest in a computer game room; the staff of the company of online protection of trademarks "MarkMonitor" plays table tennis; the internet solutions company "Gaumina" declared Fridays to be an official day of rolls. Informal environment is being also created in production companies - for example, the staff of "Visagino linijos", which is managed by SBA, can play table football during breaks or restore their strengths in a massage chair.

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