The single Lithuanian company participated in the prestigious Milanese furniture exhibition

Those wishing to overnight in Milan had to spend over €300 for a settee bed far-distant from the city centre the last week. The 53th Milan's "Salone Internazionale del Mobile" (iSaloni), World's most prestigious furniture exhibition attracted over 300.000 furniture industry representatives from all over the world. The only Lithuanian participant – the concern “SBA”, which presented its collection of "Parra" (furniture trademark) the fourth year in a row – enjoyed the success in the exhibition.

“The hot innovation and high-class design examples are followed in the Milanese furniture exhibition. All participants of the exhibition combine innovationwith excellence, and it makes the Milanese furniture exhibition the prestigious event in the industry" - said Claudio Luti, President of "Cosmit", the organizer of the exhibition. The Milanese highlights will dominate in the furniture showrooms over the next couple of years. World's most famous designers, retailers and manufacturers, following the future trends and innovations, could be met here.

The future of furniture design

Copper, silver, reddish-purple hues dominate in the current year's furniture fashion in line with the harmony of innovations and vintage style, joined arduously. Pure, clean shapes' and elegant design with subdued colours dominates, however, developed with good quality materials, and especially functional design prevail here – the organisers affirm.

For example, "Moroso" presented very rudimentary designed chairs, "La Serenissima", in the Milanese exhibition. These were amply discussed by the visitors because of the rising water level reflection in Venice and straight being poorly minimalistic. On behalf of "AdeleC", "Baldessari&Baldessari” designed the sofa "Casablanca" with an impression given that it could be assembled how one desires. Another tendency in the present year is multi-functionality. Furniture allowing different functions, such as sleeping-designed sofas that are getting popular, was stated in the 53th exhibition review, published by the organizers.   

Lithuanians are hot on heels

The concern "SBA" introduced new collections of modern "Parra" carcass & soft furniture for the living-rooms and bedrooms. "This year we especially paid much attention to the design innovations & furniture technical potentialities. High-quality materials, the would-be colour combinations' trends and innovative solutions dominated in the new "Parra" collection, providing additional functionality and comfort to the furniture. For instance, we transformed the visually small armchair to a definitely comfortable sleeping bed for a chance-guest" - says Constantin Kozonis, Manager of the "Parra" trademark."We are happy that customers are turning back to natural materials. So we expanded the collection of soft woollen furnishings; we used leather in new ways, improved series of coffee tables, combined wood shells with glass details" - told Kozonis. "Manufacturers are invited to the World's most influential furniture exhibition due to their elegance, functionality, impeccable quality, details' and ideas' consideration. Therefore, we have to strive not only to march with the tendencies, but to outpace them slightly, too" - told the "Parra" trademark manager.

International team of creators

There was a team of international professionals for the "Parra" brand name at the "SBA concern" furniture group established - furniture is designed by Italian and German designers, manufactured in the "SBA group" companies in Lithuania and Russia, and Kozonis with 25-years’ experience in the Belgian and French furniture sectors became the manager of "Parra".

"The current market and the particular moment should be considered while designing the furniture for the future. An aspect of not aesthetics only, but also the functionality is vital. A comfortable headrest, transformation to a sleeping bed sofa, for instance. If the sofa-bed is used for sleeping in the West occasionally only, it is applied for a day-to-day sleeping in the East often. Therefore, we should apply not only more durable technologies, but a comfort of no-less quality, too. Also, we produce part of our collections from various integrated details – they can be adjusted to various clients' needs, the individualization of their interiors or willingness to renew homes, refurbish interior, and to experiment"– commented Stefano Bonavita, the famous Italian designer, a former creator for "Fendi", on the development of new "Parra" soft furniture collections.

The professional enlisted the furniture with common design tendencies, such as clear curves and additional details – the stitched finishing, the neutral colours' enrichment with contrasting, live colour decorations, and abilities to arrange and personalise the furniture as the new furniture design tendencies coming into light during this year's Milanese exhibition. According to Bonavita, all these decisions were also adopted in the new "Parra" collection. The professional emphasizes rounded soft furniture forms, getting more popular and inviting to have a seat on; the soft backrests, often introduced with distinguished cushions which create the daily style. The society is getting liberal currently, avoiding much of the formalities. Therefore a formal and cold Scandinavian style will no longer prevail at homes with people longing for cosiness. 

Efforts buy off

"We expanded our distribution contacts with the Kazakh furniture retail chains. 7 showrooms offering "Parra" furniture have been in operation since this year in Kazakhstan already. We got quite some attention from the French and the German furniture industry leaders. The current clients were interested in the stock enlargement, the new ones – in the high comfort level of furniture" –told Kozonis, the SBA-owned "Parra" trademark manager about the yearly preparation for the international challenge.  Currently, "Parra" production is sold in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Poland, France, the United Kingdom and others.

"SBA" is the single Baltic company participating in the main programme of the most influential exhibition. Last year, the Lithuanian "Contraforma" participated in the junior designers' programme (for hotels, apartments, lofts and other spaces), the illumination devices created by the Vilnius Academy of Arts design students were exhibited in the students' lighting exhibition "Euroluce" three years ago.

We are participating in the Milanese furniture exhibition for the 4 years already, and the Lithuanian furniture identity has been established. Now it has to be settled. Of course, there are visitors who are not aware of the "Parra" brand. Most pleasingly, even the Italians do not get an idea of this being a non-Italian stand. Our stand is next to the famous Italian manufacturers in the exhibition. It was hard to achieve, and we proved that the Lithuanian furniture has no less competitive design solutions than those by the well-known foreign companies” –commented Constantin Kozonis.

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