The first ABOUT shop of innovative underwear opens in Vilnius

The first “ABOUT Baltic Underwear” brand shop opens in Go9 shopping centre, located in Gediminas Avenue, Vilnius.

“The reason behind this step was the wish to introduce innovations created every year in our company, as well as our production based on them, to the Lithuanian market”, Gintautas Bareika, the General  Director of AB “Utenos trikotažas”, says. The consultants working in the new shop will answer all your questions and explain what additional qualities one or another material has.

During one year, 50 different innovative materials are created by using either a new fibre or unique knitting in the biggest knitting factory in the Baltic States. For example, ABOUT underwear collections are created from materials made with the help of technologies that let the products obtain such unique features as antibacterial or moisturizing effects, as well as durability, elasticity and other.

According to Bareika, ABOUT shop in the shopping centre Go9 for some time will be the only one, however, the possibilities of the development of this concept are in the future plans of the company.

“We will evaluate the need for development according to the results of the first ABOUT shop. The most important channels of trade remain the same – export and the e-shop www.aboutwear.lt. However, before purchasing on the Internet people want not only to know more about the product but also to feel its touch. This is especially relevant for the underwear. Thus the new shop will give the opportunity to know our production better”, the head of AB “Utenos trikotažas” said.

When creating the concept of ABOUT shop, not only the furnishing, but also the prospective buyers were taken into consideration. The company products of functional and attractive design are intended for open-minded people, interested in novelties and appreciating high quality.

ABOUT collections are sold in Sweden, Finland, Germany and Great Britain for more than a year already; this year the retail started in our partner shops in USA, Australia, and the first batch of ABOUT underwear was just shipped to the United Arab Emirates.

The investments into innovations and the creation of new materials let AB “Utenos trikotažas”, the biggest knitting company in Lithuania, plunge into new segments of the market and gradually increase the sales. In the third quarter of this year, our sales constituted LTL 17.5m (EUR 5.1m) and were 14.7% larger in comparison with the same period of the year 2013. 

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