New trend in Lithuanian underwear – innovations in style

New Lithuanian underwear brand "ABOUT-Baltic Underwear", which was successfully launched in foreign markets, was introduced in Vilnius. This product’s packing was awarded the Lithuanian design prize "Geras Dizainas 2014" (Good Design 2014) diploma on May 6th, during the Design Week.  

The Lithuanian brand of latest generation, setting a completely new Baltic fashion design trend in international markets, where "ABOUT" already gained reputation of the advanced and innovative product, was introduced to Lithuania's brands' export promoting authorities, fashion business and design representatives in closer detail.

"ABOUT" brand was created for entering international markets with an attractive idea encouraging customers to try innovation in textile, and new products from the Baltics at one time. "We are deliberately creating the new "Made in Lithuania" label's reputation that way" - the brand name creators insist.

Specially for the brand created "HealhtyFit" concept combines functional and minimalistic design, and materials enriched with special additives giving fascinating optional clothing features. Beeswax, aloe or silk protein softeners have skin treating and anti-bacterial effect, silver ions protect from odours, and thermo insulating materials for active recreation regulate temperature on skin surface.

The newly elaborated underwear trend aims to advanced consumers valuing healthy and comfortable lifestyle and functional design solutions.

The owner and producer of "ABOUT" brand name is AB "Utenos trikotažas", part of an SBA Group. Introduction of this brand encouraged the company to install new manufacturing technologies and leap at the wider opportunity to retailing in the global market.

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