Ministry of Economy expresses its gratitude

After performing the evaluation of the implemented projects with EU support, the project “The development of AB Utenos trikotažas export” was noted as one of the most successful. The Ministry of Economy acknowledged the company for a project that was implemented successfully, timely and usefully.

Financial support has been effectively used for additional investments in the development of marketing materials (catalogues, CD-RDs) that increases popularity of the city of Utena and Lithuania as a whole.The support funds served to enhance in increasing the efficacy of the visits to the customers and participating in relevant textile exhibitions, such as “Premier Vision”, “Zoom by Fatex” in Paris, “ISPO” and “Munich fabric start” in Munich.

The support enabled Utenos trikotažas to implement the project activities in shorter time and on a larger scale, adjusted to the purpose of the activities of the company. The implemented activities and efforts led to the increase in sales, promotion of awareness and broadening of the employeeexperience.

Today Utenos trikotažas is proud of having valued partners in 15 countries. The contribution of the employee team and the support received accelerated the pace of the company and aided in reaching the stage of the implementation of ambitions as well as active internal development of the organisation.

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