“SBA” gave an unconventional presentation at the “Baldai 2014” exhibition

More than 20 thousand people have visited the 20th exhibition “Baldai” (“Furniture”) which took place at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre “Litexpo” on March 20–23. According to Lilijana Dirsienė, the project manager of the “Baldai” exhibition, this year the visitors’ motivation has changed as well – among the reasons for visiting, a search for news and ideas is much more frequent than the acquisition of furniture.

More than 90% of the “SBA” concern products are exported, therefore, the production of “SBA” companies is currently more than often exhibited at foreign exhibitions, such as the famous Milan “iSaloni”, “MOW Barntrup” and “IMM Cologne” in Germany, Dubai International Fair of Furniture, etc.

“SBA” is hunting for new ways of presentation at the Lithuanian exhibition “Baldai 2014”. For example, this year the exhibition visitors could witness the manufacture process of soft furniture in close proximity. “Kauno baldai”, in association with Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences and other partners have established a real small-size soft furniture production factory in one of the halls of “Litexpo”. They aim at attracting new specialists to the furniture production sector in Lithuania.

According to Egidijus Valentinavičius, the SBA concern vice-president of Strategic Development, the “SBA” group companies constantly encounter a lack of qualified production specialists. One of the reasons for this is that a job in the industrial sector – even in the innovative one and the one exporting its production abroad – is not considered prestigious by the young people.

“The SBA” concern-owned companies will employ at least 200 new employees this year. The production companies will need more working force and highly qualified technicians – machinists, tailors, technologists, engineers, and operators. The managing companies are always seeking for highly qualified executives” – said Egidijus Valentinavičius, the SBA concern vice-president of Strategic Development.

The other company managed by the “SBA” concern, “Berry”, which put out flyers during the exhibition, will soon open a separate exhibition in its furniture retail division in Vilnius, where the works of Lithuanian artists and the bedding sets created with their assistance will be exhibited.

We are in a search of unconventional ways that would be effective and help the companies to make their mark.

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