“Berry” furniture store arranged its first art exhibition

Following the first international exhibition “Baldai 2014” (“Furniture 2014”), the furniture store chain “Berry” invites you to the home interior exhibition of the Lithuanian artists. On March 25 through April 21 the works of the Lithuanian artists Edita Suchockytė and Ramunė Kmieliauskaitė will be exhibited in the “Berry” furniture store located at Ukmergės g. 256, Vilnius. Painting and graphics works are not only arranged in the furniture store expositions, but also decorate the new bedding sets and home textile collections available for purchase in the “Berry” store: “Decoflux” bedroom bedding sets, decorative pillows, tablecloths and coasters.

“Usually, paintings are exhibited in white empty exhibition halls. In order to help our visitors in creating exceptional homes we have come up with a non-traditional idea – to hang paintings in the specially arranged “Berry” home interiors. We hope that this new experience for both us and the artists will help the visitors to imagine how they could refurbish their own home, make it a harmonious whole as well as inspire other Lithuanians to the springtime changes”, said Giedrė Jasienė, the “Berry” marketing and selling manager. “A new bedding collection, a part of which is adorned with the works of the aforementioned artists, is also presented unusually – all bedroom beds exhibited in the store are smartened up in new colours and textures”, added the “Berry” representative.

“Mostly, Lithuanian artists are more known abroad rather than in their homeland. By creating solutions for bedding and home textile, we want every product to be exceptional and individual. In addition, we have supplemented the natural materials – linen and cotton – and special technologies enjoyed by our forefathers with an exceptional touch of the Lithuanian artists. This artwork adorned collection has already attracted attention at the Frankfurt “Heimtextil” textile exhibition; we hope the collection will intrigue our countrymen as well”, said Ilona Aladaitytė, the founder and director of the “Decoflux” company who cooperated with the artists.
“A work of art is not necessarily a wall-exclusive. The idea has interested us primarily in its subject – what would it feel like to sleep between the artworks literally. Furthermore, it’s fun to work with a high quality textile, which I believe might make home cosier and more interesting. It would be interesting to supplement our series with some new unexpected decisions, for example, creating a bedding set with a cycle of cat pictures”, said graphic master Edita Suchockytė. Ms Suchockytė creates etchings, monotypes, draws portraits and caricatures, and illustrates books. Her works are famous for her unique style, romantic realism, and song motives. A part of her works adorn Lithuanian interiors, others have travelled to various corners of the world: Canada, USA, Holland, France, Australia, Germany, etc.

“In the past, people used to prepare for celebrations in advance – at least a month ago. I think my flower motive-decorated beddings and furnishings will help to bring about the spring celebrations, Easter, and blooming trees. Maybe instead of dreaming of something troublesome, an individual will rise over blossoming treetops, even if not far away, even if just a little bit”, said Ramunė Kmieliauskaitė, watercolour painter, a daughter of a famous artist, the recipient of the Lithuanian National Prize Antanas Kmieliauska. Ms Kmieliauskaitė mainly creates watercolours, there is evident influence of impressionists and post-impressionists in her works. The artist has created a unique style: her watercolours remind one of arabesques with inherent combinations of warm and cool tones, vibrant or spontaneous translucent strokes, various textures, free compositions and prevailing plant – mostly flower – motives. Since 1984, she participates at the Lithuanian and foreign exhibitions, and has already held personal exhibitions in Lithuania, USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the Czech Republic.

The artists’ works are planned to become a yearly springtime tradition in “Berry” furniture stores. During the presentation of this year’s spring collection, about 20% of the assortment of all stores has been updated. Besides other furniture, the customers are offered an exceptionally wide range of new bedroom furniture, mattresses, and “Decoflux” bedding set collections. The fancied paintings, bedding and textile sets will be available for purchase during the exhibition.

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