First year of “Mebelain” – a success story written by personnel

“We have grown out of diapers within a year. As I say to the employees, we are not adults yet, but have already entered into adolescence,” said Algimantas Vinauskas, the chief executive officer of “Mebelain”, describing the first year of operation of the furniture company opened in the Mogilev Free Economic Zone. When asked about the most significant achievements of the first year, Mr Vinauskas listed the following: organization of a wonderful young team and gaining customer confidence over a short period of time.

Company’s culture promotes improvement

The factory, in which concern “SBA” invested 18 million euro, was built in the shortest possible time – within a year. Today, on 10 July, when the company celebrates its first anniversary, we have nearly 300 employees. “We managed to bring together young, striving for improvement and curious team of employees. In my opinion, this is one of the major achievements – we have laid down the cornerstone on which little by little we built up everything, namely, team, performance and customer trust,” said Algimantas Vinauskas, the chief executive officer of “Mebelain”. Immediately after its establishment the company has aroused the interest of the residents of our city. During this year of work, our company has surpassed expectations of those who believed in its success and future. “Mebelain” deserved a reputation of the successful and efficiently operating company which offers favourable conditions to employees. The personal positive experience of our employees helps to attract new employees and create a positive image of the company in the Mogilev labour market,” said Larisa Ivanova, the sales manager.

“Mobelain” team is young – the average age of employees is 30 years. “Getting started in Mogilev we realized that the most important quality of people working here is the desire to excel. Approximately 90% of employees did not initially have experience with woodworking technologies, but in a year they have become experts in this field. Some employees have taken an initiative and enrolled in universities where they continue to hone their skills,” said Algimantas Vinauskas. “Mebelain” employees are aided by the experienced “SBA” managers and specialists. A unique cooperation and experience exchange system based on the “SBA” culture has allowed to quickly train staff and successfully implement the first-year targets of the company. “One of the key features of the “SBA” internal culture is cherishing the values. Unity and cooperation are based on the support and tight-knit teamwork which helps to achieve the best results,” said Algimantas Vinauskas. Larisa Ivanova agrees with Mr Vinauskas. “Mebelain” has set out perfect conditions for the development of each person. Many who were employed a year ago were full of enthusiasm and a great desire to acquire new knowledge and grow professionally. Thanks to the assistance of colleagues from Lithuania, their experience and knowledge, today we have a young, motivated and professionally improved employees who develop corporate culture and boost “SBA” values,” said sales manager of “Mebelain.”

Gainedtrust of customers 

The employees’ desire to improve and absorb innovations helps to expand production and earn trust of customers. The “Mebelain” factory covering 14,000 sq. m area produces natural veneer furniture (shelves, chests of drawers, tables) for the Swedish concern. “At this time we are getting ready for the introduction of a new product line. Our employees, with the assistance of experts from other “SBA” group companies, managed to master innovations several times faster than we expected initially; therefore, expanding the range of products, we are ahead of schedule established in our business plan. Now we have already started the mass production of a table collection “BJURSTA” intended for the Russian market,” said the chief executive officer of “Mebelain.” According to Mr Vinauskas, “Mebelain” has reached the tipping point during its first year of operation, i.e the company has gained momentum and increased the production volume. “We have earned trust of the concern “IKEA” the representatives of which visited our factory, inspected it and assessed the production process,” said the chief executive officer.

Algimantas Vinauskas emphasizes that another integral component of a successful activity is a positive attitude of the Belarussian authorities from the beginning of the factory construction to the day of putting it into operation. The factory opening ceremony was attended by Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus. “Even today, the factory managers feel great benevolence of the FEZ administration. For us, the Lithuanian investors, it is of a high importance,” said the chief executive officer of the company.

A playground for the employees

Our first birthday was celebrated on the new sports ground the construction of which has already been completed near the factory.  Here we enjoyed a football field with an artificial turf and a beach volleyball court. “Our team is young and active. In winter the male team members asked if we could rent a gym. Then we decided that sports ground would be a better option,” smiled Mr Vinauskas and added that even though the sports ground was initially intended for the employees only, it will be open to everyone. “We will not fence the sports courts for sure. If other personnel or teams expressed their desire to play, they should then agree on the time first,” said Algimantas Vinauskas. “SBA” provides employees with an access to engage in sports, and promotes active leisure. This brings up the team spirit, and the employees are allowed to communicate not only at work but beyond it as well. Every summer “SBA” invites its employees to take part in the celebration of sports and creativity. This year, for the ninetieth time already the event of such kind took place on a wild beach of Papė in Latvia. We are glad that “Mebelain” team has made a successful debut. The team’s impressive sand sculpture – human hand pointing towards the sea – was recognized as the best.  “SBA” concern is a strategic investor which controls one of the largest business groups in Lithuania. It consists of 26 companies operating in our country and abroad. The main “SBA” activities include the following: production of furniture and light industry, retail sales of furniture. “SBA” belongs to one of the leading companies in Lithuania AB “Utena”, the textile manufacturing company, and AB “Klaipėdos baldai”, the furniture production company.

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