Discussions about leadership by the rhythm of pop-music

On a sunny autumn day, which was 9 October (Thursday), the gate of Raudondvaris castle at the confluence of rivers Nevėžis and Nemunas became wide open to participants of the annual conference of the SBA group leaders. The topic of the tenth annual conference was “Leading Organization: Exceptional Results, United Teams, Splendid Leaders”.

The importance of leadership has undoubtedly grown in a rapid-changing environment, to which creativity, flexibility, innovation as well as quick response have become characteristic. In order not to lose the competitive advantage, many scientists, psychologists and management strategists suggest paying more attention to development of skills of employees, especially the ones in managing positions. However, as it is known, to successfully lead others, one should first learn to control oneself and gain skills of personal leadership.

How is a winning organizational culture created? When do people truly try their hardest at work? How should the manager view the environment in which his or her enterprise operates? How should a splendid leader think to ensure exceptional results of his team? How to form a united team which would “play together”? This and much more was discussed at the conference organized by the SBA group Personnel Office with the speakers – Psychology Doctor Gintaras Chomentauskas, ISM Head of Personnel Saulius Būdvytis, coach of personal development Jurij Micharev, song-writer and singer Jurgis Didžiulis and communications consultant, conference moderator Rytis Juozapavičius.

Rytis Juozapavičius: winning cultures are created on purpose, they are cultivated by their leaders, have defined boundaries, language and histories.

Saulius Būdvytis: in the course of development organizations go through different levels of maturity. When maturity reaches the peak, organizations aim to become leaders of opinion.

Gintaras Chomentauskas: the best motivation to an employee is not achieving his or her personal goals, but rather knowing the goals of the organization and perceiving how much his or her results add to the achievement of the common goal.

Jurij Micharev: results are the only real criteria showing just how rational our convictions are. If no results are achieved, the measured logic becomes nothing but rubbish. Generally, when we aim for success, we try to base our actions on rational thinking. There’s irony in this: very often rationality leads us in a different direction, away from our goals. Common logic is not a bad thing; however, often it does not help us escape our circumstances.

Jurgis Didžiulis: the real values of an organization are the average of values kept by its team plus the collective pride. Create the feeling that you are a cool band – and the fans will appear themselves.

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