Business leaders know how to tame the wind, too

Blend in the wild, harness the powers of nature while preserving the unique spot of the Baltic seaside and leave it even cleaner than it was before - this was the task that employees of one of the largest groups of companies in Lithuania faced this year.  It is not only business indicators about the “SBA” concern, exceptionally inventive annual sports festivals tell a lot, too. They teach the employees of the main values of the “SBA” companies - thriftiness, unity, oneness, leadership.

On 14 and 15 June the 19th annual sports festival “Invent 2014 Wild Sand Camp” of the concern “SBA”  was held in Pape (Latvia). Like every year, over a thousand employees of the companies of the concern with their families from Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine participated in the festival.“Sports festivals are an integral part of internal culture. The concern “SBA” unites over 27 companies from different countries and has over 5 thousand employees. Such festivals are an excellent opportunity for them to meet, socialise and present their companies,”  said Lina Makarskienė, Director for Organisation Development of the concern “SBA”.

The concern “SBA” creates a different program of the event every year. Only what is the most important remains - reflecting the values and philosophy of the concern “SBA”. This year wild beaches of Pape in Latvia were chosen.“When we called the sports festival “Wild Sand Camp” we wanted to bring to attention the sustainable business development, ecology, relation of people with the nature and protection of it,” said the Director for Organisation Development. L. Makarskienė is convinced - wildlife is an excellent place to unleash creativity of people.“This is no factory where you can use modern technologies. In the nature you can only rely on your imagination and inventiveness, and a friend to give a shoulder. I think, this is why the teams surprised each other with unexpected solutions, unique work done by the simplest means available,” told the Director for Organisation Development of the concern “SBA”.

Wild nature not only encouraged creativity, one had to adapt to the current conditions. As a result, wind became the moving force, sand - a construction material, and the most mundane items - collections of unique clothing.Weathercocks created by the employees themselves were probably most surprising from the point of view of inventiveness and innovative solutions. The impressive wind generator created by the team of the “Germanika” furniture plant not only decorated the campsite but provided lighting for it, too. A weathercock 5 meters tall was constructed by the engineer mechanic Marius Viršilas and the metalworker Aibulatas Sarybajevas.  A saw disk used in furniture manufacturing served as a core for the fast turning windmill. The main wind power station was surrounded by 100 windmills produced by “Germanika” employees.An original weathercock called “Vėjonis” was created by the “Šilutės baldai” craftsmen. The 6 meter high weathercock weighted 1.5 tons, and the wind was used to turn the potter's wheel. Eimuntas Jankauskas, director of the company and author of the idea, was glad they managed to use the force of wind as an entertainment for everybody.

The team of the furniture shop network “Berry” became the winners of the competition of campsites. The focus of their campsite was a  wigwam of native Americans and an exposition of dream catchers created by the families of the employees.The idea of nature preservation was felt by the participants throughout the festival. Employees of “Visagino linija” constructed an ecological entertainment park in their campsite. Aleksandras Selivanovas, Romanas Ostapko and Aleksandras Minasianas constructed swings, bicycles, kaleidoscope, stilts. Artistic weathercocks were created by Andrejus Moskvitinas.“When creating the park we wanted it to have as much positive emotions as possible, be bright and attract as many people as possible especially children. So we organised a competition of drawing “Ecology” among the children of the employees and the kindergarten “Ąžuoliukas”. These drawings were used to decorate the tent of our campsite,” told Lina Boldyreva, manager of human resources of “Visagino linija”.

Despite the fact that most of the employees of the concern “SBA” have the professions of production, they are nevertheless exceptionally creative, talented and innovative. This was proven by the stylised “Sun Park” and 12 spectacular 1.5meter high sand sculptures created by the participants on the beach.The main prize went to “Mebelain”, a furniture plant from Belarus, which created a spectacular sculpture of a man pointing at the sea.

Besides performing creative tasks the teams competed in sports events, too. The employees tested their skills in football, volleyball, basketball. Fun and unconventional competitions were also held: participants had to throw pillows, plates, participated in relay races. Over 100 participants ran 100 kilometre marathon and 5 kilometre half-marathon distances. The marathon course was laid by the Baltic Sea and despite the weather did lack summer warm, quite some participants ran barefooted.The team of “Visagino linija” employees won the traditional football and basketball tournaments. These victories guaranteed them the cup for being the best “SBA” team this year.The Visaginas team received the cup from the “Šilutės baldai” team which won it last year.

Not only the employees of the companies but also their family members took active participation in the sports events. Most numerous was the dance contest, which was held for the second year in a row: hot Latin American rhythms against dashing and youthful street dances.Rehearsals took place throughout the day and then the acts were presented in the evening attracting numerous audience and supporting fans. Unity, energy and rhythm pulsed as one, uniting all the employees, workers and managers alike.Fashion show “Wild land” had probably the largest audience as the employees demonstrated the collections they had designed. 12 teams surprised with their professionalism and ideas of collection presentation and demonstration. For a couple of hours the fashion podium became a theatre scene on which one unique and stunning show followed another no less unique or stunning one.

When designing clothing the teams used lots of natural, recyclable materials, also materials used in the production like paper, plastics, cotton, veneer. One of the most impressive collections “Flowers among Flowers” was designed and demonstrated by the “Utenos trikotažas” employees allowing their team win the main prize.“After reading the description of the task - ecological fashion collection, I was thinking about as little costs as possible, so the collection had lots of pretended nude body. It was decided to use cotton, its bud, to be more precise, as the main motif, because “Utenos trikotažas” factory mostly uses the products of Earth. Exaggerated cult of erotic in the fashion industry suggested a mocking nature of the show, and the creative staff produced an excellent show,” said Andrius Šidlauskas, manager of the trademark “ABOUT” of “Utenos trikotažas”.

The festival was crowned by the show of the popular band “Biplan” and no less spectacular fire show.

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