A gift for the Raseiniai District firefighters from “Šatrija”

The firefighters of the Raseiniai fire protection service are long known for their exceptional services. They are the first to come to the rescue both in the Raseiniai District and the neighbouring areas. They rescue people not only in cases of fire, but also in the event of accidents and natural disasters. Firefighting rescuers risk their health and lives saving others from the disasters, but they rarely receive support themselves.

“The firefighters in “Šatrija”-made outfits work in Sweden, Great Britain, France, Australia, even Singapore and New Zealand. The outfits are designed using an extremely sophisticated technology, are resistant to fire and high temperatures, and due to their moisture-proof property the body can breathe. We hope that the new outfits will aid the firefighters of Raseiniai District in their honourable, responsible and tough work”, said Giedrius Grondskis, Director General of “Šatrija”.

The firefighters of the Raseiniai fire protection service received special work wear from “Šatrija”. The company is certified according to one of the strictest regulations in foreign markets – Article 11B – permitting manufacturing and supplying of the firefighting outfit to both European and Asian markets. The international experts visit the factory 3–4 times a year and closely assess the production. The company ensures the highest quality of complex and life‑saving clothing.

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