our innovations

We aim at the traditional, efficiently operating factories to become factories of ideas.
It is the basis of our business philosophy “Invent everyday”.

To direct employees‘ creative potential towards effective implementation of innovations, creation of exceptional products and efficiency of business management is one of the most essential directions of SBA philosophy “invent everyday“.  It is a constant process that allows achieving leadership within the sector and clients recognition.

To strive for the maximum efficiency of activities by employing innovations is an intrinsic part of our company culture, which we foster by providing creative environment as well as by changing the established rules and encouraging employees not to be afraid to search for unusual, innovative solutions.

Technological innovations are being vastly implemented, such as manufacturing lines of sheathed and honey-comb furniture as well as quality standard certificates like ISO, Organic Exchange and others, in SBA  enterprise. The SBA was one of the first ones to apply modern management models and business management system SAP, as well as LEAN efficiency system. All of this ensures efficient management of the company and allows creating unique products as well as secures the highest quality of the manufactured production. Development of own trademarks, such as “Parra“ helps fully exploit creative potential and create products of a higher additional value.