our history

From the idea to the international acknowledgment

Having started its activity in 1990, SBA together with Lithuania took the first steps in a free market economy. Established by a young entrepreneur the manufacturing-commercial enterprise had limited financial sources and little technological opportunities, however, creativity, business ideas and determination were something it did not lack.

Determination to create a competitive Lithuanian product and enter international markets encouraged to invest into furniture and clothing enterprises such as “Klaipėdos baldai”, “Šilutės baldai”, “Kauno baldai“, “Utenos trikotažas”. Despite the enormous struggles that Lithuanian industry was facing, investments into new manufacturing machines, human resources allowed the enterprises, which were managed by SBA to acquire competitive superiority.

1996 m. SBA began its cooperation with Swedish concern “Ikea” that lasts up to this day.  In 1997 “Klaipėdos baldai“ became the first enterprise in the country that implemented quality management system under international ISO 9001 standard. During several years ISO 9001 and environment management system ISO 14001 standards were implemented in all SBA manufacturing enterprises.

In a 10-year time enterprises of the group became leaders in the market, moreover SBA for its activities was awarded with the main Baltic Business Convention award - the “Baltic Business Award”.

Aim – efficiency of management and international development

An aspiration to expand in international markets and increase efficiency of activities, induced implementation of a new business model in SBA.

Established separate business units later on became groups of furniture, apparel, business centres and energy, which became responsible for management of their owned enterprises.This allowed to pool the specialists of the highest competence and more efficiently exploit production capacity, increase efficiency, exploit economy of scale by acquiring raw materials and equipment. For the implementation of the chosen business model SBA was one of the first in Lithuania to introduce business management system SAP.

Changes of this period and new strategy helped to develop the new mature philosophy of SBA concern. In the autumn of 2004 a new trademark, which embodied mission and values of SBA, was introduced to the market. The new sign portrays a spiral, which not only symbolizes progress, dynamism, energy, eternity, but also reflects SBA philosophy, attitude towards business and surrounding environment. Introduction of a new sign has been also related to the planned expansion of SBA in international markets.

By implementing expansion strategy to new markets in 2005 a furniture manufacturing company “Novo Mebel” was acquired. In order to increase manufacturing capability of “Utenos trikotažas” and to achieve a better management of input, hosiery in Ukraine “Mrija” was acquired in 2005. All of this helped us to strengthen competitiveness of enterprises and reduce the input.

Network of retail furniture trade “Klaipėdos baldų prekyba” in March of the year 2005 changed its trademark into “SBA idėjos namams“ and introduced a new conception of the store. This concept is unique for Lithuania related to retail trade of furniture and interior accessories - it offers clients integrated home furnishing solutions.

Aim – innovations in manufacturing and creation of additional value

Constant implementation of innovations in manufacturing and creativity that plays a huge role when creating exceptional products, and became the essential competitive advantage of SBA in a changing world’s business environment.

In the end of 2006 one of the most modern furniture factories in the Eastern Europe - “Visagino linija” – was launched. Only in a year a green field investment of 73.5 million was implemented and factory began to export furniture made from “honeycomb” and wood-wool panels. The new factory not only strengthened group’s positions in the export market, but also became an important social project – during the closing of nuclear power station of Ignalina, Visaginas faced with an enormous threat of unemployment. By creating 600 job places in “Visagino linija“, establishing teaching classes, where workers were retrained, problem of unemployment was significantly reduced and the factory became the biggest private employer in the region.

“SBA Furniture Company” became the first company in Lithuania to introduce its products of a trademark “Parra” in a prestigious furniture exhibition in Milan “Salone internazionale del mobili“. Firstly, making its start in the Russian market the trademark “Parra”, whose furniture is produced by factory of ”Novo Mebel”, was also introduced at international exhibitions in Germany, Ukraine and received a huge interest in traditional Western markets such as France Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece, as well as from representatives of furniture industry of such countries as Mexico, Brazil and India.

Positions in international markets by implementing innovations were also strengthened by the enterprises of SBA apparel group. “Utenos trikotažas“ was the first enterprise in Lithuania that produced ecologic production, certified by EU eco label “Flower” and since 2009 production has been certified under requirements of OE100 (Organic Exchange 100). Another enterprise of SBA apparel group – “Šatrija” is the only one in Lithuania that obtained “GoreTex” manufacturing license. Furthermore, it has as well obtained “GoreTex Crosstech” manufacturing license, which is held by only 6 companies in Europe.

“Green Hall” business centre in 2010 was recognised by the best real-estate experts as an A+ class office building in Vilnius and became sort of a symbol of innovation and creativity. “Green Hall” is unique not only by its exterior, but also by unique technologies implemented there. “Green Hall” is exceptional for being economic and environment-friendly, as it has been calculated that due to architectural and technological solutions energy consumption is five times lower, thus CO2 emission is reduced.

In the year 2011 SBA shapes and endorses a new vision of activities and values that reflect the aim of the concern. 

Aim – international expansion, growth of export

Creation of exceptional products and services, development of one’s trademarks as well as international expansion and increasing volume of export are the essential tasks, which are now being implemented by SBA.

The main project of the year 2012 – fundamental modernization of eneterprise “Germanika“ and construction of a new factory in Belarus. The newest technology of “sheathed” corpus furniture manufacture was implemented in “Germanika“, while the company itself, where 500 new work places were created, grew twice in a size. Over 36 million Litas has been invested in modernization of “Germanika“ as well as in expansion of manufacturing and it is planned that over the time of 5 years the selling of production will reach up to 750 million litas.

SBA is investing more than 43 million LTL into construction of “Mebelain“ factory in Belarus, in the free economy zone of Mogilev. “Mebelain“ shall manufacture modern natural-shell covered furniture – tables, shelves, furniture of bedroom and living room. CIS market oriented factory will enable SBA to strengthen competitive superiority in a high potential Eastern markets.

Energy product trading company “Enteco Baltic” controlled by “SBA” Concern reached the peak of the top-ten fastest-growing Lithuanian companies and was significantly ahead of the other competitors. “Enteco Baltic” occupied the first position in the ratings list published by “Verslo žinios” compiling fastest-growing companies in Lithuania during the three quarters of the year 2012.

Establishment of new vision and values in the enterprises of SBA.

 In the SBA Companies a brand-new vision and values are established, a strategy, uniting the companies, for corporate labelling is implemented.

Aim: Innovation Culture in the Concern’s Enterprises

Solidification of “SBA” values and business philosophy “Invent everyday” is the most important aim ensuring design of exclusive products and sustainable international development.

We are just as strong as the weakest of us that is why it is important that each day every Concern’s employee, starting with the factory workers and finishing with the CEOs of the company, would have a possibility to improve themselves.
Important projects of the year 2013.

“SBA Idėjos namams” increases the range of products and changes its name to Berry. It is aimed that the visitors would not only find piece of furniture or interior elements they look for, but also obtain professional advice on how to create lovely home.

“Mebelain” factory located in the Mogilev Free Economic Zone in Belarus is to be opened. The newly-build factory that will manufacture furniture from natural wood veneer panels will employ approximately 300 persons and help the Concern to strengthen its competitive advantage in the Eastern markets.  

Construction of the office building “Green Hall 2” is to be started. Another office building of 10 thousand square meters will emerge near the business centre “Green Hall” in Vilnius at Upės street. Due to the architectural and innovative technological solutions a new establishment should become a leader within the whole Baltic region.

In the enterprises of “SBA” innovation culture is to be solidified and the employees are being encouraged to follow the principles “What can I do to make my company more successful?”, “How to combine personal fulfilment and performance of the company?”, “What do I have to do in order we would win together?”. This leads to sustainable creation of added value in all the chains of the enterprises.

Our aim is to become the most efficiently operating furniture manufacturers in Europe.

Continual investments enable the companies of SBA Concern to increase their output, further increase their operational efficiency and successfully compete in global markets. An ambitious aim was set for the furniture companies managed by the concern – to become the most efficiently operating furniture manufacturers in Europe.

In 2014, the concern invested 10,4 million euros in its factories, 3 million out of which were used for the modernization of the "Šilutės baldai" solid wood workshop. Over 8 years, SBA Concern invested more than 100 million euros into the construction of new companies, the modernization of old ones, implementation of new lines and the reorganization of its manufacturing processes and management. These investments helped increase the overall efficiency of SBA Furniture Group companies by 73 percent since 2006, when calculating the value of production per employee.

Klaipėdos baldai AB carried out the official offer to purchase the company's shares. During the official procurement, shareholders were offered 2,83 EUR (9,77 Litas) per ordinary registered share of Klaipėdos baldai AB with a nominal value of 1 Litas.

AB “Utenos trikotažas” bought the company's bonds issues in 2009, while the company's own capital was strengthened after converting part of these bonds into company's shares.

Growing investments, production development and new real estate projects

Investments in furniture companies resulted in significant increase in their production capacities, whereas the real estate companies owned by SBA Concern started developing new business centre projects inspired by the “green productivity” philosophy.

SBA Concern invested 13.2 million Euros in furniture factories in 2015. More than half of these funds have been spent on “Visagino linija” for opening the third production line consequently increasing production capacity of the factory by 30 percent.

The real estate development company owned by SBA Concern purchased the “Pramprojektas” building located on Vienybės Square right in the heart of Kaunas. It was announced that a prestigious business centre would be established here following modernization of the building.

SBA Concern started construction of “Green Hall 2” Business Centre in Vilnius: it is the first project in the country inspired by the “green productivity” philosophy and the only business centre heated and ventilated by using geothermal energy only. The Concern invested 17 million Euros in “Green Hall 2”.

Sales of the collection developed under ABOUT brand owned by AB “Utenos trikotažas” started in prestigious shopping centres in Japan.

The 125th anniversary of AB “Šilutės baldai” in Šilutė was commemorated in a form of introduction of Community Project “Šilutės siena” [Šilutė wall] as it was decided to turn the fence surrounding the factory into the longest historical town chronicles in the country.

Record-breaking results, stunning initiatives and astonishing real estate projects

Constant investments in increasing production capacity and performance allowed SBA Concern-managed companies not only to achieve record-breaking results, but also to continuously raise the bar up. Not only were the sales of Furniture and Knitwear Groups stunning, but also social initiatives that were implemented by the companies by involving communities were astonishing as well. Real estate projects developed by SBA Concern have changed the faces of the big cities and their views on what modern high-end business centre should look like.

In 2016, SBA Furniture Group reached record sales amounting to 241,47 million euros, but it did not stop it from achieving even better results as in 2017 the sales of SBA Furniture Group reached 271,9 million euros.  In 2016-2017  the sales of “Utenos trikotažas“ Group also grew steadily by 20.5% and 13.4%, respectively, and reached 25,8 million euros.    

The impressive results were determined by the constant investments of the Concern since, for example, in two years even 27 million euros were invested in the development of furniture factories alone. The Concern has also announced that it is going to build a large logistics centre and furniture components factory near Klaipėda.

In the companies managed by SBA Group great attention is paid to sustainability and environmental friendliness. Furniture factories are implementing energy-saving solutions, and “Utenos trikotažas” is the first in Lithuania to join the “Greenpeace” project for clean fashion “Detox” whereby undertaking to eliminate from its production chains raw materials that could have a negative effect on people or the environment at all stages of product life, i.e. from production and packaging to wearing, washing, sorting and recycling by 2020.

Meanwhile, real estate development company “Urban Inventors”, which is managed by SBA Concern, has fundamentally changed the market position on what modern business centre should look like. Newly opened “Kauno dokas” and “Green Hall 2” business centres were designed based on the philosophy of green productivity with great emphasis on the environment, therefore large investments were made in public spaces of cities.    

Kaunas Vienybėssquare, near which “Urban Inventors” is developing a new high-end business centre, has become the largest public and private sector investment in urban public spaces in recent years.

Real estate projects developed by SBA Group did not only receive great attention but were also evaluated positively as “Green Hall 2” building was announced the "Future Project" by the Lithuanian Real Estate Developers Association and innovative technologies implemented in the building were awarded by the German and Baltic Chamber of Commerce.

In many towns, SBA-managed companies are the largest employers with a great focus on communities. The social initiative “Wall of Šilutė”, which has embraced the history of the town, has been recognised as one of the best initiatives not only in Lithuania but also in the region. In 2017, for the first time in history “Germanika” factory stopped working for an hour so that the company’s employees and the community could listen to the concert of classical music performed by “Niko” orchestra. “Klaipėdos baldai” once again organised the jazz festival in Klaipėda city, and SBA Concern has been celebrating together with the Lithuanian jazz community in “Kaunas Jazz” festival for already seventeen years.