Knowledge craving, pushing to learn about the newest tendencies of the furniture industry and firm solutions when implementing and creating advanced ideas of management, technologies and innovations.

Consistent training of competence and professionalism. Constant search for uniqueness of products, knowledge of client needs and long-term relationships that allow offering the most suitable and the highest value creating solutions to partners.

All of this enabled SBA furniture roup to establish itself in international markets. We are a Lithuanian enterprise, thus we consider our activities to be the means to introduce a Lithuanian product that is innovative and of high quality. 

We are the biggest furniture group in the Baltic countries, being the first one in The Eastern and Middle Europe to apply a number of innovative solutions, especially paying attention to quality of products and getting to know about the needs of clients as well as ways to satisfy them. We have been collaborating with leaders of world furniture market and exporting 95 percent of manufactured production. We actively create and develop our trademarks.

SBA furniture group unites six furniture manufacturing enterprises in Lithuania and Belarus. Enterprises of SBA Furniture group are one of the most efficient in the Middle Europe. Highly qualified employees and investments into the newest technologies allow to offer a wide assortment of products to the market. These are furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms as well as soft furnishings.